Video on the web:

Now almost everyone has high speed internet. This makes it possible for web developers to offer video on websites. There is no better way to show your product or service.

Here are a few examples I had fun making.

Smoky Lake CountyBeachVideoVictoria TrailSandyLanevideo in html by v3.2m

Drone video and photos can be a great start to your marketing package. Photos and video can be professionally mixed with logos graphics and music to create a polished presentation.

Your finished video can then be posted to youtube and embedded to your site. Youtube videos can increase your google page ranking.

The video will be saved in several formats including High definition DV to be used at trade shows or as a marketing hand out.

This drone model is capable of flying up to one kilometre in any direction. This combined with a gimbal mounted camera insures smooth and steady 1080p high definition video and still photo’s shot at 12 megapixel resolution.

SFOC Licensed
In accordance with transport Canada regulations we are licensed and insured to operate in Class C, D, E, F, and G airspace, Including built up areas.